Motivation Tips to Lose Weight

Five Motivation Tips to Lose Weight :

Weight loss motivation is easy. You get compliments, you wear outfits you really want to, and you feel more attractive, and have more energy. All this positive feedback is motivating. Yet, a healthy weight can’t be sustainable long-term if it requires constant positive feedback and the excitement is no longer there for feeling slimmer. Millions of people who struggle with their weight, use food for emotional support. Here are some of the approaches we used; you can ‘make them your own’ so they really work for you.


Tip 1: Think slim - When you’re tempted to eat something you don’t need, practice imagining how your stomach is going to feel ten minutes or an hour after you’ve consumed that weight-increasing food. Keep it up until this becomes a natural habit for you.

Tip 2: Hang around with slimmer people – Research has shown that your subconscious mind will pick up a new template for what is ‘normal’ when you surround yourself with the slimmer, fitter types. We are not suggesting you dump your less-than slimmer friends.

Tip 3: Be fair to yourself - Try to eat healthy most of the time, not all the time. It is okay to eat the wrong kind of food now and then. We should remember and be prepared that weight fluctuates on either side of the targeted weight.


Tip 4: Weight loss does not solve your problems - Many people feel let down when they become slimmer and then find that being slim doesn’t solve all their problems in one go. You have moments of self-doubt or you may feel undervalued, you then revert to eating poorly again.

Tip 5: Eat only when you’re hungry –  Avoid eating sugary foods which causes subsequent crash in energy, leaves you wanting more sweetness. Include protein with every meal along with ‘good carbs’ such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.